Salon at Lexicon Books in Lunenburg

The trombonist Andrew Jackson and John Wall Barger collaborating at Lexicon Books in Lunenburg (thanks to Jean Barger for the pic)

On May 24 I read at Lexicon books, hosted by the SuddenlyLISTEN series, the musician Norm Adams, and the wonderful poet (and co-owner of Lexicon) Alice Burdick. I read from The Mean Game. Andrew and I had concocted collaborations on three poems. He created these eerie soundscapes for the poems, so that I found myself reading a few lines and then just listening, amazed, at where he took the poems. Such a pleasure to work with talented people! Thanks especially to Alice for being such a gracious host.

The poet Alice Burdick introducing us (thanks to Jean Barger for the pic)
(thanks to Jean Barger for the pic)

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