Critical Prose

Reviews, Essays, interviews (by John Wall Barger)

Interview: With Matthew Zapruder, in TBA, Winter 2022 (forthcoming)

Review: David Yezzi’s More Things in Heaven: New and Selected Poems, in Cleveland Review of Books (forthcoming)

Essay: “Contributors’ Marginalia: John Wall Barger considers George Green’s ‘Summer of ’72′” in 32 Poems, Fall 2021 (forthcoming)

Review: Cameron MacKenzie’s River Weather, in Cleveland Review of Books, Fall 2021 (forthcoming)

Essay: “The Underglimmer,” in Poetry Northwest, Fall 2021 (forthcoming)

Review: Leila Chatti’s Deluge, in Kenyon Review Online, Fall 2021 (read it here)

Essay: “The Elephant of Silence,” in Cleaver, Fall 2021 (read it here)

Interview: With Vijay Seshadri, in Rain Taxi, Winter 2021 (in print only)

Review: Eduardo C. Corral’s Guillotine, in The Hopkins Review, Winter 2021 (read it here)

Essay: “The Music of the Zone,” in Poetry Northwest, Winter 2021 (read it here)

Review: “Single-Mindedness: on David Mikics’ Stanley Kubrick: American Filmmaker,” in Literary Matters, Spring 2021 (read it here)

Review: Natalie Shapero’s Popular Longing, in Kenyon Review (online), Winter 2021 (read it here)

Interview: With Eduardo C. Corral, in Mississippi Review, Winter 2021 (in print only)

Review: Vijay Seshadri’s That was Now, This is Then, in Plume, Winter 2021 (read it here)

Essay: “In the Cold Theater of the Poem,” in Literary Matters, Fall 2020 (read it here)

Review: Sadiqa de Meijer’s The Outer Wards and Julie Joosten’s Nought in EVENT, Fall 2020 (read it here)

Review: Lisa Olstein’s Pain Studies, in Rain Taxi, Fall 2020 (read it here)

Interview: With Indran Amirthanayagam, in Rain Taxi, Fall 2020 (in print only)

Interview: With Trapeta B. Mayson, in Rain Taxi, Fall 2020 (read it here)

Review: Indran Amirthanayagam’s The Migrant States in Kenyon Review (online), Summer 2020 (read it here)

Review: Don Mee Choi’s DMZ Colony, in Rain Taxi, Summer 2020 (in print only)

Review: Melanie Janisse Barlow’s Thicket, in Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Spring 2020 (read it here)

Review: Conrad Scott’s Waterline Immersion, in FreeFall, Spring 2020 (read it here)

Review: Dorothy Chan’s Revenge of the Asian Woman, in Rain Taxi, Fall 2019 (in print only)

Review: E.D. Blodgett’s Apostrophes VIII, in Malahat Review, Fall 2019 (read it here)

Review: “The Sublime Cacophony of Ernest Hilbert.” Ernest Hilbert’s Last One Out, in Literary Matters, Fall 2019 (read it here)

Review: Cameron MacKenzie’s The Beginning of His Excellent and Eventful Career (novel), in Rain Taxi, Summer 2019 (read it here)

Essay: Co-author (with Vasiliki Katsarou) of a critical conversation about Alice Rohrwacher’s Lazzaro Felice (film), in, Spring 2019 (read Part 1 here and Part 2 here)

Review: Jane Ledwell’s Return of the Wild Goose, in Atlantic Books TodaySpring 2019  (read it here, page 42)

Essay: My Writing Day: John Wall Barger, in My (Small Press) Writing Day, March 2019 (read it here)

Essay: On Ernest Hilbert’s Caligulan, in The Rumpus (in “The Last Poem I Loved” series), March 2019 (read it here)

Review: Gaspar Oroczo’s Autocinema, in Jacket2, Summer 2018 (read it here)

Review: Karen Enns’s Cloud Physics, in The Malahat Review, Fall 2017 (read it here)

Review: Murray Reiss’ Cemetery Compost, in Freefall, Winter 2017 (in print only)

Review: Loh Guan Liang’s Transparent Strangers, Jerrold Yam’s Chasing Curtained Suns, & Alfian Sa’at’s The Invisible Manuscript, in Asian Cha (Hong Kong), Fall 2013 (read it here)

Review: Wong Phui Nam’s The Hidden Papyrus of Hen-taui, Damon Chua’s Traveler’s Tale and Other Poems, & W. F. Lantry’s The Language of Birds, in Asian Cha, Fall 2012 (read it here)

Review: Margaret Avison’s Listening & Molly Peacock’s The Second Blush, in The Malahat Review, Winter 2010 (in print only)

Review: Sue Sinclair’s Breaker, in Prairie Fire, Spring 2009 (in print only)

Review: Constantine Cavafy’s Poems (translated by Manolis, Libros Libertad Press), in Prairie Fire, Winter 2008 (in print only)