Manuscript Consultations

John has years of experience editing many poetry manuscripts, leading poetry workshops, and mentoring poets. He has worked with poets writing in a variety of styles: using formal structures, and free verse.

Consultations available for full-length manuscripts, chapbook-length manuscripts, individual poems, and mentorship.

John is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Creative Writing at The University of the Arts (in Philadelphia), and a contract editor at Frontenac House. From 2012-2014, John taught a graduate-level creative writing workshop, and supervised graduate students working on their poetry manuscripts, at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He was an editor with Painted Bride Quarterly from 2017 to 2019.

Regarding fees, John will gladly price his work hourly, or on a flat-rate, per-project basis, depending on your preference. His rates are reasonable. Please contact John to discuss fees, scheduling, and your specific needs.

Online workshop

A One-On-One Poetry Workshop for those interested in an in-depth series of email exchanges about their poems. Each week for eight weeks the workshop member submits a different poem which John critiques in a 700-750-word email. That week the member responds to the critique and John responds to the member. After eight of these exchanges, one per week, in the ninth week the member writes a “conference letter” to John, topics initiated by the member, then John responds, and the member has an opportunity to respond again.


“… John is a smart and sensitive teacher and editor who guides with questions more often than instructions. He is knowledgeable and regularly suggests readings related to themes which emerge from my poetry. John leaves his ego behind in our consultations. He has always treated me and my poetry with sensitivity, respect and patience.” Read more testimonials.

Upcoming Workshops

Dec 8, 2022: Eastern Shore Writers Association (ESWA). Writing about Travel Poetry Workshop.

Jan 16, Jan 23, Jan 30, 2023. Writer’s Federation of Nova Scotia (WFNS). Poetry about Places: How to Avoid Being a Tourist in our own poems. Poetry Workshop.

Spring 2023: UArts: Advanced Poetry Workshop (CRWT 301)

Spring 2023: UArts: Creative Nonfiction Workshop (CRWT 231)


Fall 2022: UArts: The Writing Life (CRWT 140)

Fall 2022: UArts: Senior Seminar (CRWT 404)

Spring 2022: UArts: Advanced Poetry Workshop (CRWT 301)

Spring 2022: UArts: Creative Nonfiction Workshop (CRWT 231)

Fall 2021: UArts: Senior Seminar (CRWT 404)

Fall 2021: UArts: Poetry and Poetics (CRWT 211)

Fall 2021: La Salle University (Philadelphia): Creative Non-Fiction (ENG 309)

Spring 2021: UArts: Intro Contemporary Poetry II Workshop (CRWT 151)

Spring 2021: UArts: Poetry Workshop for Non-Majors (CRWT 181)

Fall 2020: UArts: The Writing Life (CRWT 140:01)

Oct 10, 2020: 1.15-2.15pm Duende Workshop (on Zoom) at “Push to Publish” Conference

Aug 1, 2020: Free poetry workshop (on Zoom) on Tarkovky’s Stalker

June 20, 2020: Free poetry workshop on The Ludic (on Zoom)

Spring 2020 Semester: Senior Seminar in Poetry (CRWT 454) at The University of the Arts, Philadelphia.

Spring 2020 Semester: Poetry Workshop for Non-Majors (CRWT 181) at The University of the Arts, Philadelphia.

November 6/13/20, 2019: Poetry workshop series on The Underglimmer, at A Novel Idea Bookstore, Philadelphia.

June 29, 2019: Workshop on The Underglimmer. West Vancouver, BC.

June 17, 2019: Underglimmer poetry Workshop. ArtsPlace Canmore Canmore, Alberta.

June 12, 2019: Fable and Fabulation poetry workshop. Co-leading a workshop with Stephanie Yorke. Atwater Library. Montreal, Quebec.

June 8, 2019:  Workshop on The Underglimmer. Carleton University Library. Ottawa, Ontario.

May 22, 2019: Duende workshop. Writer’s Federation of Nova Scotia, Halifax, NS.

May 18, 2019: Chapbook Workshop, co-leading with Vasiliki Katsarou. Hunterdon Art Museum, NJ.