Resurrection Fail
Spuyten Duyvil Press, fall 2021
Available for pre-order here
The Mean Game
Palimpsest Press, 2019
(Finalist: Phillip H McMath Book Award)
The Book of Festus
Palimpsest Press, 2015
(Finalist: JM Abraham Poetry Award)

Palimpsest Press, 2012
(Finalist: Raymond Souster Award)
Pain-proof Men
Palimpsest Press, 2009


The Kindness Machine, 2022. Moonstone Press.

Dying in Dharamsala, 2018. Alfred Gustav Press.

The Vnfortunate Report & Tragicall Tidings of Leslie Barger, 2016.
Thee Hellbox Press.

Samovar / Dukkha, 2016. Baseline Press.