Dead Calf by the Road

on gravel, guts sliding out
of the bowl of itself
like oatmeal, tailbone
a white hammer
obtruding the soft
kidskin, head tucked in
as if napping. I pull
the heavy Enfield
off the road.
Crows on the back
of the calf flap off.
Out of the church
in the hollow behind my right eye,
I see the crows
on their branches,
heads cocked, itching to feast.
It is worse because
the calf did not carry
a gun to school
or insult her friends
but just walked very gently
beside her mother.
They didn’t tell her
they don’t tell you
about dying on a road,
crows the only flags upon you
in a hornetsong wind.

— from Smog Mother — Palimpsest Press, Fall 2022. First appeared in Dying in Dharamsala (chapbook, Alfred Gustav Press), 2018

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