Halifax Launch of The Mean Game

On May 23, I launched my book, The Mean Game, at Cempoal Cafe on Agricola Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was very fun because I’ve launched all four of my books in that neighborhood, in the north end, just around the corner from where I lived for ten years (on Moran Street). Halifax readings always seem quite warm and informal, and this night it was a particularly quiet and electric crowd. Cory Lavender also read, and Nanci Lee, Tonja Gunvaldsen Klaassen, and Brian Bartlett. (The pictures are a bit blurry, but I think they somehow convey the feeling of the evening!)

Cory Lavender reading from Lawson Roy’s Revelation (Gaspereau Press), and some other new poems (pic thanks to Jean Barger)
Nanci Lee reading some new work (pic thanks to Jean Barger)
Tonja Gunvaldsen Klaassen (pic thanks to Jean Barger)
Brian Bartlett (pic thanks to Jean Barger)
John Wall Barger reading from The Mean Game (pic thanks to Jean Barger)

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