poetry about places: workshop by john wall barger (ATWATER Library, Montreal, and on *ZOOM*)

It’s tricky to write about the places we visit. Travel poems come with a flood of unfortunate expectations: sentimentality, clichés, souvenirs, and so on. How can we refrain from being tourists in our own poems? How can we allow a place to be “real” and “authentic” without projecting our expectations onto it? How, for example, could Paris be anything other than romantic, city of love, beautiful, historical … ? 

How can we convey, through poems, the complicated, nuanced, wild, deeply personal experience of standing on a street in another city? In this session, you’ll learn some skills that will help you approach this much-trodden road with freshness and innovation. We’ll look at some terrific examples, and you’ll write a few poems of your own.

Oct 15 | Saturday |  2-4pm
$40 each (includes copy of Barger’s latest book, Smog Mother)
Atwater Library (1200 Atwater Ave, Westmount, Montreal, Quebec)
Also accessible remotely on ZOOM

Limited enrollment. To register contact John (johnwallbarger [at] gmail.com)