John Wall Barger Interviewed on Wax Poetic

The radio station ( is located on Columbia St, in a heartbreaking part of town

On June 26th I was interviewed on co-op radio (100.5 FM)—a show called Wax Poetic—by poet RC Weslowski. I was promoting my book, The Mean Game

The station is located off East Hastings Street in Vancouver, in a devastated part of the city. In response to my walk to the station, I started by reading him the cruelest poem in my book of cruel poems: “The Problem With Love.” He compared the poems of my book to the “goons” on the 1970’s Philadelphia Flyers, and also their present mascot, Gritty, all of which I took as the greatest compliment imaginable. This led to a conversation about surrealism, involving David Lynch, Cocteau, Gordard, Donald Barthelme, and Mary Ruefle. 

You can listen to the conversation here.

John Wall Barger and RC Weslowski (thanks to RC Weslowski for the pic)
John Wall Barger reading “The Problem With Love” from The Mean Game

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